Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that might help you on your journey to find out more about Camp 100. We hope you can find the answers you need here but if not please get in touch on and the team will be more than happy to help.

The Basics

What is Camp 100?

Camp 100 is an international youth camp for young people from Woodcraft Folk and like-minded organisations around the world. They will live by their cooperative values, playing cooperative games, making new friendships, taking part in educational workshops, enjoying adventurous activities and spending evenings chilling around the campfire.

When is Camp 100?

Camp 100 will take place 27th July to 6th August 2025.

Where is Camp 100?

Camp 100 will be held at Kelmarsh Hall and Gardens, NN6 9LY. This is the same site as Common Ground, our international camp in 2022, and it is in the middle of England. We will be running shuttle buses from a nearby train station on arrivals and departures day, and there is also a local bus from Market Harborough (a nearby town with direct trains to London and Sheffield) that comes very close to the site.

Who can come to Camp 100?

We have invited Woodcraft Folk groups of all ages (0-21, plus their adult leaders) to camp, as well as IFM groups from all around the world whose age ranges may be a bit different to this. There may also be the opportunity for other groups from the UK and abroad to come to camp, as long as they have the necessary background checks and safeguarding arrangements. If you are interested in attending please contact

Do I have to come for the whole 10 days?

We ideally want everyone to come for 10 days as that is the best way to get the most out of camp! However we realise not everyone is able to come for the full 10 days for a variety of reasons, therefore we are offering a 3 day option from the 27th – 30th July and a 7 day option from the 30th July to the 6th August too. 

Do I need a background check/Woodcraft Folk membership to come?

Every UK attendee over the age of 18 will require a DBS (England and Wales) / PVG (Scotland) and to be a member of Woodcraft Folk to stay overnight at camp. International attendees over 18 will need to sign a safeguarding declaration detailing the background check they have from their own country.
If you are aged 16 – 18 and taking on a role that requires responsibility for young people you will need a background check if you are from the UK or to fill in a safeguarding declaration if not. If you are aged 16-18 and coming as a participant this is not required. 


How do I find out more?

Follow us on @camp100wcf on instagram, facebook and twitter and keep checking this website for updates! We will also send out important updates by email to Woodcraft Folk District contacts and IFM organisations to begin with, and to those booked on when we get closer to camp. If you have a question you can’t find the answer to here, you can always email and we’ll be happy to help!

How can I get involved?

There’s loads of ways to get involved with camp, from coordinating the camp cafes, to offering remote expertise on visas and languages, to delivering a workshop on site, to stewarding and more. Soon we will update the get involved page with some specific roles we are looking to fill. But if you are interested in helping us out in some way get in touch on with a bit about you, your skills and interests and we’ll find a role to suit you.

Who do I contact?

For general enquiries and anything that doesn’t come under the issues below –
To speak to the chairs (Jack and Seren) –
If it’s about communications –
If it’s about food on camp –
If it’s about international delegations –
If it’s about expenses –
If it’s about camp democracy –
If it’s about support for volunteers –
If it’s about infrastructure –
If it’s about accessibility –
If it’s about safeguarding –
If it’s about the programme –

Booking and Paying

How do I book for Camp 100?

Booking will open summer 2024 and more information will be available in June 2024. Booking will be through our bespoke system, and for parents and volunteers coming as group leaders bookings will be done through your group.

How much does the camp cost?

The camp fee includes food, all the activities and the central infrastructure (sleeping tents are the responsibility of groups/individuals but we can support with this for internationals). Please see below for the different prices per person based on where in the world your organisation is coming from:
Western and Northern Europe and North America – £265 for 10 days, £210 for 7 days or £120 for 3 days.
Eastern Europe – £190 for 10 days, £150 for 7 days or £85 for 3 days.
Africa, Asia, Latin America and Middle East – £130 for 10 days, £100 for 7 days or £55 for 3 days.

What if I can’t afford it?

Woodcraft Folk is keen to increase and widen participation in all of our activities. The Camp 100 Access Fund has been designed to reduce the financial barriers of attending the event including travel costs. There will be more info about this fund and how to apply in autumn 2024. You should also talk to your group about doing some fundraising e.g applying for grants to cover costs, and if your group is from outside of Western/Northern Europe we will aim to partner you with a group from this region to support you with fundraising. Please see our fundraising page for some ideas of how to fundraise for camp.

How do I pay?

As a parent/carer or a volunteer group leader: pay your district or group who will make a payment through the booking system.
As an individual/volunteer not coming as part of a group: payment details available through booking system and can be made by card or BACS.


How can international groups book for Camp 100?

Booking will open summer 2024 and more information will be available in June 2024. If you are an IFM-SEI group you should have received an invitation via email but feel free to get in touch on for more info! If you are not a member organisation of IFM-SEI please email to see if we can work together.

How can international groups find out more about Camp 100?

We are hosting 2 introduction webinars in spring 2024, on Wednesday 22nd May at 14:00 BST (UK time) and on Monday 27th May at 19:00 BST (UK time). IFM organisations should have received the links in our invitation email but get in touch on if you need the link to join!

Do I need a visa?

You can check if you need a visa to come to the UK for camp here. People coming from most countries outside the EU need visas to come to the UK, but there are some exceptions.

How do I get a visa?

We are currently updating visa guidance documents. More info will be available on a dedicated page soon, but the first thing you will need to do is get or renew your passport if you don’t have one already, as almost everyone who needs a visa to come to the UK also needs a passport

What are the nearest airports to the site?

The nearest airports to camp are East Midlands Airport and Birmingham Airport, so we would recommend booking flights to one of these, especially if you are coming from Europe. These airports are small and often flights will be cheaper to London airports. But it is important to bear in mind that although London is only an hour away on the train from the nearest town to site, the London Airports are all quite far from the centre and so it will take you 2.5-4 hours and quite a lot of money (trains are expensive in the UK!) to get to site from these.


How will programme be organised?

The camp will be laid out in villages, towns and a central area.
Villages are made up of around 90 people, including at least one Woodcraft group and ideally at least one international group. In your villages you eat, sleep, take part in clan (cooking, washing up etc) and do some small bits of programme organised by the leaders in that village.
Towns are made up of multiple villages. Each town has a town library and some space for play. The purpose of the libraries will be to serve as places for town resources such as sports equipment, books, activity plans; serve as a place for people across villages to hang out; house town librarians who will coordinate and communicate programme being run by villages and organise some limited programme e.g. WcF archive, international camp song evening. Town libraries will also be the place where everyone watches the Camp News, created by participants in the media centre that day, every evening after dinner.
The central area includes centres, a main stage tent, a café and a pub. The centres are tents with different themes, with activities for young people of all ages based around this theme. There will be more info on our centre themes in September, but they will include things like Bushcraft, Arts, Media, Socialism and Science and Technology. The main stage tent will host a wide range of performances, from magic shows and story telling aimed at our youngest members in the afternoon, to parties with bands and DJs late into the night for our older young people. The café is a space for people to chill, buy a drink or snack, and socialise at all times of day/night. The pub is the only place on site where alcohol will be sold, and is only open to over 18s.
There will be more info on a weekly and daily schedule in September, but expect all these aspects to be included in the programme!


How is food organised?

3 meals a day and snacks are provided as part of the camp fee. Everyone on camp will eat the same food, from a menu planned by a central volunteer food team. The food team will create a booklet of the recipes, and each village will have 2 or more KPs who are the people in charge of leading the cooking in their village. Cooking/food preparation will be done by rotating groups of all ages (known as clans or rotas) in the village, supported by their village KPs.
We will publish the menu and more info on food in September!